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Wisdom Marketing is a Web Design freelancer in Cardiff, providing specialist services such as  Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Video Editing, and Digital Marketing

Web Design in Cardiff making variety of website for Businesses

Web Design in Cardiff | Wisdom Marketing: Creating Custom Websites that Transform Your Vision into Reality

As a web designer, I have delivered many web solutions to brands. As an experienced web designer, I am passionate about crafting bespoke websites that look stunning and are built for performance, usability, and search engine visibility.

From startups to medium sized companies, I have the experience and flexibility to work with clients of all sizes across the UK. Whether you’re looking to launch your brand or gain your online presence, my tailored approach ensures that every website.

I create is both visually appealing and strategically designed to meet your business needs.

Let Wisdom Marketing be your partner in navigating the digital world. With my expertise in web design, I am your go-to web designer in Cardiff, ready to help your business thrive online. Connect with us today to start your journey towards a successful digital presence.

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The problem with some businesses today is their bull 💩, have you heard the saying measure twice cut once, well that’s like web designing, the cheapest is not always the best and you find out that a lot of the time you pay double because the cheapest never turned out so well.  

Some freelancers/Agencies charge for things separately, so it might be cheap to start with but adding maps, a professional email, or some call to action something which should be free and only takes 5 minutes increases the price.

That’s why my business is all about transparency, and integrity, there are no hidden fees and no additional costs, the price given is the price you pay.  Here are just some of the services I provide which are free.


Premium Hosting

Hosting is the server your website lives on.  We set it up and maintain it so you never have to worry about it. Ever again.

Speed Optimization

Every month your site is optimised to ensure it’s as fast as possible for people viewing.

Updating the Site

We update your site with any new information or maybe you just fancy a different colour

Malware Protection

We actively protect your site from malware attacks & quickly clean any threats we detect, so you can stay worry-free.

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitor your site to ensure it’s always online and running smoothly. If any issues arise, we quickly step in and resolve them for you.


We ensure your data’s safety by taking daily snapshots of your entire system, securely storing them for quick restoration in case of any emergency.

Here are some of the services we provide here at Wisdom Marketing, click the button to see the full services and what we can do for you.

Web Design


Social Media 

Content Creation

Professional Web Design in Cardiff

As a professional web designer in Cardiff, I understand that there is more to building a website than some pretty pictures and fonts I will work to try to capture the essence your audience is drawn to, From researching what others are doing to ensuring that your call to action is in positions that make sense.

we pay close attention to details  After all, having a beautiful website is only one piece of the puzzle without proper navigation and easy to find a call to action, a pretty website is just a pretty picture on the web, not helping your business in any way.

But we don’t stop at providing a beautiful and functional website. I also take the time to work on all on-page SEO aspects, when possible,  What is on-page SEO? It’s what the search engines need for them to understand what services and products you offer fully.

While I build a website that caters to those finding it on the internet, it’s just as important to design a Cardiff web design that also caters to the search engines.  After all, what good is having a professional website if you build it and nobody can find it?

Cardiff Web Design Company

As a Cardiff web design company, I understand the balance of designing a website for SEO as well as your visitors. You’ll need a website that is simple to navigate, easy to read and understand and has an easy-to-find call to action.

I start by assessing what it is that you sell and want to portray as your expertise. I will discuss with you the website designs that you have found and like, as well as what colour combinations will match your branding.

I work diligently to listen to what you have to say.  My web design services in Cardiff, want to design a website that is effective in helping you generate more leads and sales. However, with that said, it also needs to be found in the search engines, which is why on-page SEO is so important.

Not all Professional Web Designs Cardiff are the Same!

When it comes to hiring professional web designers in Cardiff, there are some things you need to keep in mind, as not all designers are created equal.

The one most important aspect to consider when hiring web design services Cardiff is the ability of that group to rank the website in the search engines. Again, many people can design beautiful websites, but they don’t consider what is needed to build a beautiful website that performs.

All professional web designers in Cardiff don’t understand on-page SEO. It requires skill and knowledge that go beyond building a pretty website. It’s what is needed for your beautiful website to function as you’d expect.

We are a Cardiff Web Design, Wales, UK based company


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Websites build

We create your ideas and turn them into websites

Enhance Your Digital Visibility with Our Premier Online Presence Solutions!!

Discover top-notch web design in Cardiff with an experienced web designer. Transform your web presence and boost your business success with tailored web design solutions made for you. grow your business with bespoke web design services tailored to your needs. Contact the best web designer in Cardiff today

I’m your dedicated partner in crafting digital solutions that are a harmonious blend of visual appeal, functionality, and conversion optimization. We specialize in designing visually striking and highly functional websites that serve as powerful conversion tools for your business, ensuring each visitor enjoys a seamless and engaging experience.

My approach combines aesthetic excellence with strategic placement and user-friendly interfaces, optimizing each element for responsiveness and search engine visibility. I delve deep into SEO strategies, ensuring your website ranks high on search engine results pages, driving organic traffic, and enhancing online visibility.

My expertise in Web design is focused on creating robust and scalable solutions, aligning with your business goals and catering to your target audience’s needs. I employ innovative technologies and methodologies to build websites that are visually appealing but also high-performing and reliable.

In Social Media Growth, I formulate dynamic and tailored strategies to expand and engage your audience across various platforms. My innovative approaches foster connection, enhance brand loyalty and elevate your brand’s social media presence.

Web Designing at Wisdom Marketing is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with your audience. I focus on strategic design solutions that convey your brand message effectively and compel users to take action.

I understand the pivotal role a well-designed and well-optimized website plays in converting traffic into leads and customers. By choosing Wisdom Marketing, you are opting for a transformative journey to elevate your online presence and achieve unparalleled success. Let me be the catalyst for your business conversion and customer retention, and witness the transformative impact of professional digital solutions on your brand’s growth trajectory.

Why choose us

Expertise and Innovation

We offer knowledgeable and innovative solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to make your brand stand out online.


Tailored Solutions and Customer Service

We provide tailored solutions and a client-focused approach, ensuring your unique needs are met with excellence and dedication.


Results-Driven Strategies

Our strategies are holistic & results-oriented, designed to optimize your enhanced visibility, & increase conversions, contributing to your brand’s growth.


Building Meaningful Connections

We focus on creating content & experiences that resonate, fostering meaningful connections, engagement, trust, and loyalty with your audience.

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Have an existing website? We will check your existing website by carrying out a website Audit!

 🌐 Free Comprehensive Website Audit for Businesses! 🌐

Elevate your online presence with our Complimentary Website Health Check! As a Web Designer and SEO Specialist, I provide detailed audits to help businesses optimize their sites and resolve any existing issues.


I am thrilled with the work that Chris has done to create my website. He has really captured what I was imagining & come up with some great suggestions. Chris responded so quickly and efficiently to everything too & really did a beautiful job. He is a talent I would not fail to recommend.

– Maris

Professional and prompt service which I can’t fault. I’ve been using Wisdom marketing with the development of my website and also keeping it secure and operating smoothly.  Wisdom Marketing is always on hand if I have new ideas to try or if I run into any issues. A great service all round.

– Jason

Wisdom Marketing has helped me with my business. He is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. I recommend anyone who wants to grow their business, either by having a Website built or SEO Wisdom Marketing is the person to go with. He also advised me on my business which was great.

– Danielle

I contacted Chris at Wisdom Marketing to find out what he could do for me and the business I’m looking to start up. Wisdom Marketing advice was second to none, they went through the whole process from start to finish and after the call, I know now what I need to do to get started.

– Alex

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